How Can We Help You?

Step 1. Performance Gap Analysis

Before you can solve the problem or fill the gap… you have to understand the root cause. This can be as simple as a chat with you about your particular situation, staff, goals and gaps. More often we conduct tailored mystery shop reports, needs assessment or use our customised benchmarking tools to identify specific performance gaps and set measurable development outcomes for your business.

Step 2. Design

Now that you understand the cause/problem you really need someone with the skills, experience and expertise to design a solution that will address it. We all know that while one size can ‘fit’ all, it’s never going to leave you looking your very best.  We’re interested in the latter – our mission and focus is to help you achieve optimum results through the strategies and solutions we design and deliver. We have the relevant qualifications and years of experience in designing customised development solutions to fit a range of budgets, team sizes and industries. We’ll make it relevant, fun and applied to help you achieve the outcomes you’re looking for.

Step 3. Delivery

Boy, do we know our stuff. Everyone on our team has been doing their thing for years – it’s what they specialise in and are passionate about. We know our content and we only have facilitators and coaches who are skilled in effectively sharing that knowledge and those skills. The Fusion approach to training engages our participants and focuses them on how they will use the new skills/techniques for specific results in their workplace. So our focus is on delivering results, not just programs.  We’ve got your end goal in mind.

Step 4. Impact Report

But it doesn’t stop there. We want you to come out of the training process with measurable improvement in performance. We do this via a results review process to ensure that the outcomes we outlined together at the beginning have been achieved. We’ll also set you up with strategies to help you continue to cement and promote the positive change you’ve seen in your team so you can get ongoing results from your partnership with Fusion At Work.

Step 5. Support & Maintain

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit” – Aristotle

We love what we do and we have fun while we do it, but we’re 100% serious when we say: “we don’t just deliver programs, we deliver results.” And we know it’s the follow up that makes all the difference in creating lasting results from your training investment. Our follow up services will help your team follow through to achieve that excellence. We’re accessible via phone, through our member’s only portal and we can also drop by or skype to provide coaching after the fact via our online member only services.