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The Ideal Video Series are short videos which you can use in weekly team meetings to up-skill and engage your team for higher morale and stronger performance. Via our members online portal we also provide additional resources for managers to help you get the most from each video.

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Leadership Training At Its Best!

We all know that leaders need to develop a wide range of skills and the right attitude to lead their teams positively and with confidence. Pro Activate epitomises the Fusion approach to training – that is, it’s powerful, fast and effective.

This program is designed for high performers who want to get the edge by learning one or two things each week which make a difference in their performance and help them get the most out of their relationships with clients and staff. A High Performance Leadership and communication program with a difference – one from which you’ll create real results in just one hour a week!

Be part of the positive energy and engage in an exciting new network with Pro Activate. Your path to success in just one hour a week. Contact us today to find out when you can get started!

Pro Activate


Our training philosophy is simple.

  1. We keep it short (we know you’re busy), sharp (up-to-date concepts) and punchy (engaging & empowering)
  2. We deliver tailored development solutions over time so you avoid info overload and benefit from the extra support while you’re improving and applying the new ideas, models and approaches.

Our team of facilitators, coaches and consultants mean we can cover nearly any need from strategic development to financial governance, computer skills training to website design, social media and marketing, leadership to sales and service excellence, EQ and professional conduct, personal effectiveness to conflict resolution. The list goes on but here are a few topics to give you some ideas on some of the ways we can help you.

Leadership & Communication

Our flagship program Pro Activate is a highly interactive workshop designed for managers, business owners, team leaders and other high performing individuals and will give you the skills you simply don’t learn anywhere else. Topics include time and stress management, conflict resolution, power of the mind, navigating the gender gap, problem-solving, assertiveness, delegation, creating accountability and more – all in one hour a week.

Selected modules available in customised format for bespoke training; for details please contact us.

Powerful Presentations

Presentation & influence is a key part of any individual’s and business/career success. We’ll work with you to identify your specific needs and application to design and deliver tailored programs to help you

  • Design your presentation structure (including visual aids)
  • Deliver with impact (reduce nerves, come across professionally)
  • Deal with questions – Learn to answer questions skilfully and with confidence

Time & Stress Management At Work

Master your time management, reduce stress and stay on top of things by learning simple tools and techniques to change your approach and thinking around time and stress management. You’ll discover…

  • The top 5 time management principles, how to address procrastination, be more assertive, and delegate for results
  • Practical tools & strategies for putting it into practice and check-ins to address any issues/barriers

EQ at Work

Emotional intelligence has been proven to be a better predictor of success than intellect or skill. You can learn to develop these core personal and interpersonal skills, to enhance your relationships and create new level’s of success. Expand your interpersonal awareness, enhance your relationship-building skills and learn to leverage your emotional intelligence in this very applied and interactive program.

Sales Training

We believe Customer service and Sales go hand-in-hand. We’ll tailor the combination of modules and content to fit your team’s unique needs, but our goal is the same: To empower your team to create sales and service excellence in your organisation.

Sales and Service Excellence

  • Creating a ‘WOW’ experience for each client
  • Deciphering the customer’s complete needs
  • How to move from ‘taking orders’ to adding value
  • Creating lasting customer satisfaction
  • Phone communication and sales made easy
  • Dealing with objections, working through barriers and closing the sale
  • Questions and techniques that help the customer decide to buy
  • Manage existing client’s needs and wants

Power of the Mind

Most of what we do is governed by the unconscious mind. Yet most of us have no idea how to tap into this level of thinking to develop a more positive attitude and powerful beliefs, greater resilience and find smarter ways to be more effective.

This program is delivered by NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioners and coaches who have years of experience working with clients to help them overcome limiting beliefs and implement strategies for positive thinking and better outcomes. It’s truly a program with a difference that will open your mind to new ways of thinking that can help you transform in your role, career and life generally.