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Training Programs

“Always feel like I’ve gathered valuable insights after a session with Fusion”
- Miranda Porteous, Plus CA (2012)

“If you’re looking for a training provider that is 100% committed to providing excellent workshops and gives you the support needed to ensure you get results, I’d recommend Fusion At Work Ltd.”
- Anna Markwick, Recreation Senior Manager, Sport Northland

“Jaki has infectious enthusiasm and a passion for sharing her knowledge and ideas. She provides useful, relevant solutions for varying situations.”
- Robyn Richards, Youth Sport Senior Advisor – Secondary Schools, Sport Northland

“Totally recommend. Invaluable and enlightening, fresh ideas, renews spirit!”
- Glen Wynyard, Sports Coordinator (about Time and Project Management Program)

“Fantastic, Fun and Informative.”
- Fiona Frost, Northland Kindergarten Association

“Very informative and the time went very quickly. Thought provoking about the way I do things.”
- Sue Guiney, Northland Kindergarten Association

“Had lots of fun and learnt heaps too. Great skills to take back to work…what more could you ask for.”
- Zair Taylor, Northland Kindergarten Association

“Like the books, easy to use, read and re-use.”
- Debbie Woolston, Northland Kindergarten Association

“Well put together and facilitated. Useful content for leading a team.”
- Kelly McCann, Northland Kindergarten Association

“Jaki has a way of keeping the workshop ‘alive’, maintaining participant’s interest, with well researched information, added humour and presentation skills to be envied, which is rarely seen in this business. I will look forward to further workshops by Fusion At Work.”
– Diana Edmonds

“I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the workshop and how Jaki motivated everyone to want to participate.”
- Nicole Flint, Fleet Supervisor, Custom Fleet

“Jaki’s presentation style was excellent. Very professional and her down to earth personality helped her relate well with the participants.”
- Chris Miles, Business Support Manager, Custom Fleet

“Great to see these types of courses in Whangarei. A tremendous help to any manager wanting to grow their team”
- Mark Smith, Business Development Manager, Magnetism

“Do it!!! It will transform your approach to life.”
- S. Hurman, NDHB

“Awesome. Great content, fantastic facilitator and very worthwhile.”
- A. Thorpe

“A definite must!”
- N. Stroebel, Sport Northland

“Do it. Helpful. The follow up process is valuable.”
- Henrietta Sakey, ASB Leisure Centre Manager, Sport Northland

“Good to have spread over 3 sessions. Gave time to implement ideas and come back to discuss effectiveness.”
- Stu Middleton, Executive Manager, Sport Northland

“Jaki did a great job in helping us achieve our objective though her professional approach and hard working attitude. Jaki took the time to understand our business needs and tailor the program accordingly. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”
- R. Clark, Executive Director, ACNielsen

“I would highly recommend [Jaki] as well as use [Fusion’s] services in the future.”
- J. Bryce, L’oreal NZ

“…Jaki’s approach is highly professional and client centered. She was able to engage staff effectively in a positive and interactive manner. She has the ability to pull people along with her, getting them to question their behaviour and then reinforcing the correct behaviour, in a manner that left them feeling positive and energised. One of Jaki’s strengths is that with just a little feedback, she can alter her work plan to suit her client’s needs, fitting in with their requirements smoothly and imaginatively. We would have no hesitation in recommending Jaki as a trainer, and wish her well in her future endeavours.”
- Nicola Turner, Presbyterian Support Central

Training Programs – Midway Feedback

“The training is assisting the development of our firm culture and alignment.”
- Bryce Moffat, Director, Spire Chartered Accountants Ltd (2012)

“Jaki works exceptionally well in extracting participation from our team. The material presented and topics covered have given everyone valuable tools to put into place on an individual level which will, in turn, benefit our business.”
- Carolyn Moffat, Business Manager, Spire Chartered Accountants Ltd (2012)

“What an amazing team at Fusion. Their sincere interest in our practice has been heartfelt and much appreciated. I believe that Fusion (of course Jaki) has brought much valued material to our practice and has been well worth the investment. Thank you.”
- Angela Gill, Client Manager, Spire Chartered Accountants Ltd (2012)


“Jaki your knowledge and articulation of subject matter is very impressive! I liked the way you set up sessions to allow discussion of issues or further investigation of points that were relevant for my personal professional development…that was particularly helpful.”
- Tania Shine, Teacher, Northland Kindergarten Association (2012)

“I thought it would be boring, it wasn’t at all. I thought I might be annoyed at paying for it – I wasn’t, it felt like the best spent money in ages.”
- Bonny Faulkner-Alexander, Managing Director, Whatitiri Organics Ltd (2012)

“I scouted the local environment to find a coach that could cope with my often boisterous/forward approach to getting the work done. Jaki came out on top! I needed someone to see my strengths and draw them in quickly to achieve a foundation of good working practices. As I have never been formally trained in business/administration yet am managing a company and assoc. agent to (husband) Whangarei Barfoot & Thompsons No. 1 Real Estate Agent for the last two years running. My volunteer work also takes up time (now a comfortable 10% of my week). Finding a balance and renovating my systems is what Jaki has allowed me to achieve, I am forever in her debt. And not for want of sounding soft – she has a heart! that you don’t find in the professional world that much. I am recommending ‘Fusion’ already.”
- Bonny Faulkner-Alexander, Managing Director, Whatitiri Organics Ltd (2012)

TNA (Training Needs Analysis) &
SDP (Strategic Development Services) Services

“From a staff management / moral point of view this will hugely assist us to put in appropriate training and feedback systems to further develop what is already a fantastic team and from a financial point of view that means our return on investment will be very impressive. After seeing the results I have no doubt our investment will pay for its-self many times over.”
- Craig Wells, Director, Sumpter Baughen Chartered Accountants (2012)

“The TNA service was a very interesting exercise. It gave the staff a chance to provide feedback to the partners and other staff in a forum that was independent and in some cases confidential. We value the feedback from our team and TNA has given us a platform to address any issues that arose.”
– Adelle Allbon, Director, Kennedy Allbon Tane Chartered Accountants (2012)

“The TNA has been a great start to our training and development process. We are now looking forward to working on the next step and formulating a forward moving plan.”
– Carolyn Moffat, Practice Manager, Spire Chartered Accountants Ltd (2012)

“Jaki and Lisa were extremely professional to deal with. Having an understanding of our large organisation was key to this being a success and Jaki took on the brief with gusto. The future for us is looking good now that we have the tools to create development opportunities for our staff.”
– Amanda Reid, Training and Development Manager, APN News & Media (2012)

Mystery Shop & Benchmarking Services

“We found the mystery shop experience to be very beneficial. It will help us to target and refine our marketing strategies.”
– Adelle Allbon, Director, Kennedy Allbon Tane Chartered Accountants (2012)

“We engaged Fusion at Work to conduct a Mystery Shop program aligned with staff training to enhance our ability to deliver a positive customer experience within the business. Jaki tailored the program to match our business and industry needs. We have seen marked improvements since that point with several KPIs determined prior, now starting to be met. If you are serious about improving then involve a serious partner. Fusion At Work.”
- Adam Isa, Owner/Manager, Paper Plus Whangarei

“We have found that working with Fusion At Work was a positive experience and we would not hesitate to recommend Jaki and the team to anyone considering using their services.”
– Roger Raymond, Director, Adstyle Homes Ltd

Pro Activate

“Great course. We will definitely be sending some more of our team along.”
- Craig Wells, Director, Sumpter Baughen Chartered Accountants (2012)

“I think it is a great program that should be marketed widely and in particular to relatively new managers and team leaders as there is huge value in the content.”
- Margaret Curry, Manager, Cancer Society Northland (2012)

“I loved the whole aspect of Pro Activate. The sessions were fun and relevant to the topic. I walked away feeling empowered after each session. My staff have gained a load of knowledge through me attending. A must do for any employer looking to get more out of themselves and their team.”
- Kristen Rupapera, Director, Monster Graphics (2012)

“Very professionally delivered – facilitators understand the context of my work and were considerate of that – topics were very relevant in growing my skills and adding new skills to my kete of knowledge.”
- Bronwyn Ward, Professional Practice Manager, Northland Kindergarten Association (2012)

“The Pro Activate program was a really valuable learning experience for the Sumpters’ team. It challenged our thought processes and gave us new and interesting ways of understanding and dealing with people and situations in all areas of life. We enjoyed the interaction with other business professionals and found the presenters Jaki and Mal highly engaging, knowledgeable and approachable.”
- Andrea Hepburn & Reece Gunson, Sumpter Baughen Chartered Accountants (2012)

“A fantastic program with some excellent insights into how we interact with each other and how to make the most of these interactions and dealings.”
- Lynn Render, Director, Logo Mojo (2012)

“Another awesome session with Fusion At Work this morning… I definitely recommend this course to any business owner or manager of any sort of business in Northland; it is so worth it”
- Diane Crawford-Errington, On Track Bookkeeping (2011)

“The new skills I have learnt through this program have given me confidence and the skills to be a leader for my organisation and staff.”
- Janine Moy, Community Recreation Manager, Sport Northland (2011)

“This course has been fantastic! It has helped me to understand how I think and given me tools to help me be a better leader. It has also helped me to actively listen better, to ask the right questions to create solutions and to understand people better. Thank you Jaki and Mal. You have helped me to grow and become a better leader and person.”
– Inia Eruera, Poutohutohu Mataamua Senior Advisor, Sport Northland (2011)

“Short, sharp and to the point, the best way to be trained.”
- Steve Haywood, Master Jeweller (2011)

“Pro Activate lets you tap into areas that you wouldn’t use and use them well.”
- Brendon Lindsay, Director, Buildingworks (2011)

“Pro Activate training is exactly what I needed – absolutely brilliant! Every manager needs to attend. The first two sessions alone have instantly given me real results – just today I have empowered staff on a number of occasions, to make decisions and problem solve themselves. Thank you! Thank you!”
- Chaya Parker, Manager, Whangarei

“Do it!! The support (and friendship) is wonderful. Being able to talk problems through with like-minded people is great!”
- Rosemary Cox, Owner/Manager, Nautical Trenz

“Go for it! It is useful learning, for both home and work situations!”
- Coralyn West, Team Leader, Kensington Hospital

“Covers excellent/relevant topics and is a great little snapshot of positivity and tools each week.”
- Nikki Hawes, Assistant Manager, People Potential

“Very useful, practical and fun!”
- Gareth Mauchline, Executive Producer, Channel North

“It’s a great way to learn and develop very good leadership skills. A very relevant course”
- Hayley Moselen, Events Team Leader, Sport Northland

“Great opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills when moving into a leadership role.”
- Kyra Gibbons, Nurse, Kensington Hospital

“Pro Activate keeps you in check with yourself and that’s important for today’s manager.”
- Jeremy Tauri, Manager, Plus Chartered Accountants

“Pro Activate has helped me learn better ways to not only manage people, but also become a better worker and communicator myself. I would suggest anyone interested in extending their knowledge and capacity as an employee or manager to attend the course, you won’t regret it.”
- Gareth Mauchline, Executive Producer, Channel North


“I found Jaki to be an impressive and credible speaker. I was fully enrolled through out the seminar and I loved her relaxed style. She spoke with a depth of knowledge that was easy to understand and follow; made it fun and the overall performance was outstanding”
- Alexis Mitchell, Love Your Life Coach

“Very articulate and her energy keeps you interested in what she is saying, also had a good sense of humour.”

“Awesome, loved her energy and passion for the subject.”


“I employed the services of Jaki George Tunnicliffe at Fusion at work to help me put together a goal-setting workshop. Being an established speaker it was very important that I achieved a high standard of work to take to my clients, and Jaki provided in every way. Jaki was professional from start to finish, and her knowledge was impressive. She consistently met timeframes that we had set and went the extra mile to make sure we got the best result possible.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jaki and Fusion At Work Ltd to help you put together any kind of workshop you may want to develop.”
- Jason Barrell, International Keynote Speaker